Meet Kaylyn Aznavorian! 

Born and raised in Bedford, VA, Kaylyn Aznavorian had no intentions of pursuing a full-time career in entertainment. It wasn’t until about a month before graduating from Staunton River High School when she signed on her first film that she came to realize God had bigger plans for her. 

Since then, Aznavorian has come to work with a number of different Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy winners and nominees, be coached by some of the top names in the business, and appear in numerous campaigns for major brands across the United States as a model, actress, and songwriter. Her most known feats include a 25-story billboard campaign in Times Square for See Me (2014), appearing in three seasons of the award-winning Netflix series “House of Cards” (2015-2017), and ranking #17 in the world in the international talent competition “Megastar Millionaire” during its premiere run. She is currently working on her upcoming EP, “Freedom”, which tells the story of finding darkness in light. “Freedom” is expected to release Fall 2017. 

Aznavorian is currently signed to a number of different agencies around the US as a model and actress, but is an independent recording artist. A full list of representation can be provided upon request for bookings.